Han Ju Wan and Jeon Hye Bin Cast in Leading Roles for “The Joseon Shooter”, Joining Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi

Thursday, April 24, 2014


The upcoming KBS drama “The Joseon Shooter” has finalized the actors for its four lead roles.
According to a broadcast official on April 23, the four actors will be Lee Jun Ki, Nam Sang Mi, Han Ju Wan, and Jeon Hye Bin, to be involved in a four-way love line.
“The Joseon Shooter” tells the story of Park Yoon Kang (Lee Jun Ki), who puts down his sword and learns to shoot in order to take revenge for his father and little sister, becoming a hero of the generation. Nam Sang Mi will play Jung Soo In, who, while sheltered as a child, is strong-willed and courageous in her fight for a better world.
The role of Kim Hyo Kyung, will be taken on by Han Ju Wan, returning to the screen as the bastard son of the prime minister with dreams of a revolution, and the role of the charismatic Choi Hye Won, who comes to learn of true love that can’t be bought with money, will be represented by Jeon Hye Bin.
This will be Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi’s second time working together since the drama “Time Between Dog and Wolf” in 2007, and the drama will air on June 18 after the end of “Golden Cross.”

Nam Sang Mi to Join Lee Jun Ki in “The Joseon Shooter”

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Actress Nam Sang Mi will be joining Lee Jun Ki in the new historical romance action drama, “The Joseon Shooter.” She will be playing the role of Jung Soo In.
The actress said, “In the drama, Jung Soo In initially seems very sheltered like a plant in a greenhouse, but in reality she has a lot of curiosity and is not afraid of adventure. I really felt the merits of this character in that she doesn’t get caught up in the Joseon era’s standards for women and her strong will in working towards a new world.”
“The Joseon Shooter” is the story of Joseon’s last swordsman who grows to become the era’s hero, played by Lee Jun Ki. This will be Nam Sang Mi and Lee Jun Ki’s second time working together, after the 2007 action-romance drama, “Time Between Dog and Wolf.”
The drama started filming this month, and will air in June.


Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi for “Time Between Dog and Wolf”

Jang Geun Suk and Lee Jun Ki Fans Get Involved In Sewol Ferry Relief Efforts

Monday, April 21, 2014


Fans of Hallyu actors Jang Geun Suk and Lee Jun Ki are offering their hand towards the Sewol Ferry rescue efforts.
On April 18, a rep from Jang Geun Suk’s official fan club stated, “We posted the details of a wire transfer we made to the Nonghyup Hanaro Mart located near the Sewol Ferry accident site on our official fan café. The mart is delivering things needed by the family members who are waiting at the Jindo Gymnasium.” The total amount was over 5 million won (approx. $4,800).
Lee Jun Ki’s fan café is also accepting donations. Posted on the fan café was, “If we gather our sincere hearts, we believe a miracle can happen. We are accepting donations.” It has been also reported Lee Jun Ki cancelled his fan meeting and birthday celebration with fans which was originally scheduled to take place on April 19 at the Seoul Olympic Park Woori Financial Art Hall.
Previously, many fans of idol groups including Infinite, VIXX, GOT7, EXO, and B.A.P have been sending relief goods to the accident site on behalf of their favorite stars. It is a display of their condolences and a demonstration of how the fandom culture has matured. Many Hallyu stars’ fans are also getting involved.

Lee Jun Ki Cast as Gunslinger in New Drama, “The Joseon Shooter”

Monday, April 14, 2014


Actor Lee Jun Ki has been confirmed for the new KBS historical romance action drama, “The Joseon Shooter.” For his first comeback to the small screen in a year, he will be playing the role of Park Yoon Kang, the last swordsman of the Joseon era who becomes a gunslinger and a hero of the people.
Through his agency, Lee Jun Ki said that what captivated him the most with this drama in particular among the many proposals he received was the role of a shooter, which hasn’t often appeared in Korean dramas, and various charismatic aspects of the story, including the story of how his character Park Yoon Kang couldn’t help but to learn how to shoot.
The Joseon Shooter” will start filming mid-April, and will air in June on KBS 2TV.

Which K-Pop Star Shares Your April Birthday ?

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

kpop babies

Happy birthday to all the April babies out there!
This month features the birthdays of K-Pop stars such as Siwon, Jessica, Jonghyun, Uee, Lee Jun Ki, Himchan, Kim Jong Kook, Jay Park, Daesung, Sungkyu, Sehun, Lunhan, Younha, Wooyoung and more. There are also two pairs of twins this month. Can you guess which ones?
Do you share an April birthday with a K-Pop star? Let us know in the comments below!